Friday, February 28, 2022

The purpose of the personalized sessions at STEM Randall is to encourage goal-setting, engage in an in-depth exploration of individual interests, as well as develop student voice and choice. This allows students to develop focused skills and knowledge of artistry, musicianship, and movement over an extended period of time. The development of these skills and knowledge is recognized as an ongoing process, and student learning in these areas are in practice 24/7, anytime, anywhere. 

For the second trimester, each specialist teacher created a curriculum for 3 different courses.  Students then met as a grade level group to choose their pathways based upon their personal goals before the start of the trimester. 

An example of our sessions layout is as follows:

Session 1Session 2Session 3
PEBasketball Skills(Dribble, Pass, Shoot)PE PR (Paddles & Rackets)Nitroball & Volleyball
MusicSinger Songwriter CircleBucket Drumming      BonanzaIsland Jam Ukuleles

If you’d like to hear more about our personalized learning sessions, watch the video below.

When it comes to personalized learning, Whittier has a top-notch team helping to provide intervention needed for each student to be successful.  You can find intervention in the area of literacy focused on the skills of phonics, fluency, writing, and comprehension.  In addition, some students are receiving intervention groups based on social skills or identified lagging skills in behavior.  The Whittier staff works together to target students or all abilities and identify needs while building off student strengths.  

The freshmen Health classes took on a new project this semester in the Nutrition unit by designing a “Healthier” Food Truck! Student groups chose what type of food they were going to serve at their Food Truck. Students worked to develop a menu for their food truck that included healthier options. For example the students researched how a typical cheeseburger could be offered with a healthier twist. Once their menus were developed, groups worked together to design their Food Truck, including a company name and logo and creating a model of their Food Truck, using donated shoe boxes from Rogan’s Shoes in Waukesha and other materials provided by the Health and Physical Education department. Above, you’ll see some examples of food trucks that student groups developed!

Hillcrest students sharing during an AVID Spotlight!

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