Friday, January 14, 2022

New CDC Guidelines

Update: January 12, 2022

Accelerated Learning – 1/13/22

AWARD WINNER SPOTLIGHT – 2020 Community Partner Award – Eras Senior Network

AWARD WINNER SPOTLIGHT – 2020 Corporate Partner Award – Meijer (Waukesha)

At Hawthorne Elementary, Mrs. Sanderfoot’s kindergarten class has been busy looking for their gingerbread man since December. The local news is even trying to help find him!…/missing-gingerbread-man…

Mrs. Sanderfoot said “We began reading different versions of the classic fairy tale The Gingerbread Man in the middle of December to practice comparing and contrasting characters. We also learned to compare different endings to stories. To celebrate our learning the children worked together to bake a large class gingerbread man cookie. The class put the gingerbread man in the oven at school and when they went back an hour later it had run away just like in the story!

Following the gingerbread man running away I asked the parents and family/friends to help us locate the gingerbread man and send us postcards with sightings. We had an overwhelming response of cards after the post had been shared on Facebook. As we received the postcards we tracked the travels of the gingerbread man on individual US maps and also on the class world and US map. We have been enjoying learning about the different parts of the world that the gingerbread man has visited. The postcards and letters have taught us about mail delivery, what school looks like in different states and countries along with general information about states and countries different from our own!

The children all LOVE being a helper and getting the mail from the office each day!”

As a 5th grade team at Randall STEM, we focus on student collaboration and teamwork during math, especially during our Fosnot units. Students recently participated in the “California Frog Jumping Contest” unit. There are 3 phases of collaboration that students go through as they have a productive struggle through each day’s task.

Phase 1 is the initial exploration as students dissect the task and explore strategies with their group. During this phase, we hear students collaborating around their understanding of the problem and how they are going to solve it. As we facilitate and confer with each group, students are encouraged to share strategies and use math conversational moves/phrases with one another.

Phase 2 is when students prepare a poster to share, explain, and display their strategies. This is an opportunity for students to reflect on their own learning as they prepare their visuals. During phases 1 and 2, students are able to collaborate with other groups, and as facilitators, we are able to strategically identify visuals and strategies to share with the whole class based on observations.

Phase 3 is the math congress (discussion) when groups of students share their strategies, visuals, equations, and the process they took to solve the task. This is also the time when we are able to directly teach specific strategies that the students explored or to clarify misconceptions.

We have received a couple messages today from our Benefits Coordinator, Kristin Mroz. Kristin was hired as the School District of Waukesha’s new Employee Benefits Coordinator, replacing Kay Oldenburg.  Kristin comes with many years of human resources, employee benefit, and school district experience and we are excited to have her in this position.

Kristin’s name may be familiar to some of you through her current role in our district as our Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) Analyst.  During the transition to the Employee Benefits Coordinator position, she will be covering both roles.

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